Ancestral Voices FREE 5-Day Video E-course. It is designed spread awareness to those who may be new to the concept of African Spirituality and those who may have steered away from the subject due to negative perceptions. The video course seeks to dispel the myths, whilst addressing the benefits of these spiritual traditions and practices by exploring how they can be implemented on a personal level as well as at a societal level.

Below is the curricula covered over the 5 days:

Day 1: Spiritual Journeys
Day 2: The Fears of African Spirituality
Day 3: The Benefits of African Spirituality
Day 4: The Transformation of African Spirituality
Day 5: Research Findings

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Enjoy the video series and we would love to hear your feedback once you have the chance to view!

“Wow!!! I am SO thankful for finding you!!! All the “odd” things that I have experienced throughout my life are being pieced together and make sense now!! I never thought I was  “crazy ” but I had NO . … credible basis that made me feel,,,,, “whole”!! I see and acknowledge that the ancestors have been leading and guiding me all along, and I knew that in a vague sort of way, but…  I just couldn’t get any sense of real clarity about what EXACTLY was going on. I feel as though the ancestors have been leaving me breadcrumbs that have lead me to THIS point in time!!!!
I can’t begin to thank you enough for this work that you were led to pursue!!
I look forward to discovering more through you both!! Be blessed!! “

“I just finished the 5-day video e-course and I could not be happier about it. So much love, generosity, and care of you guys in sharing those teachings about African spirituality. For years I’ve been denying my roots and my ancestors based on fear and prejudice, old belief systems. This time the call came in really strong and “coincidentally” you crossed my timeline on Instagram.Looking forward to digging deeper into the next courses!God bless you guys and your beautiful work too.Big hug.”


“Greetings! In response to the 5 day course; i am grateful and excited, about it! It is the most important information in my library to date!  I have watched it three times since i got it and each time things become clearer. I am so grateful!! Spiritual practice is very important to me and for quite some time i had not been practicing. I have learned much during this pandemic season ; spending most of my time studying our history and culture. That’s when i discovered ancestral voices!

Regarding the homestudy course, i purchased it the same day i downloaded the course!  Thanks so much for the work that you guys are doing!”
A. Chappell

Greetings Family, Day 2 was absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to see what will be discussed in Day 3. The principals that you both discussed are ones that I currently practice within my life today.

Please continue to share your light to awaken those who are still asleep.
Blessings 🙏🏽, “
David Scott

“I have just finished watching video number 5 of the free series you offered. I found it to be extremely informative, and also very encouraging. Ever since I resigned from my ordained ministry position over 11 years ago. I always knew/believed deeply that there was more to God and spirituality than my over 40 years of Christianity.”


“For the last few years  I have been on the path of “Having the Courage To Believe Differently”. On this path the initial whispered coaxing to learn more about African spirituality has evolved into a  full-blown desire to learn how I can intentionally add African spirituality to my daily life experience.”

C. D. Laskey

“I just finished the 5 day home study course. I am so appreciative of the time, research and energy that you put into creating it. It was an incredible introduction to things I didn’t know and sparked my interest to know more. I’m looking forward to using your resources to learn even more. Thank you so much!”


“Thank you so much for this course and sharing your knowledge. I gained deep and valuable enlightenment from each presentation.”

Kerri Marsyl