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We Are Passionate Writers, Culturalists, Travellers And Most Importantly, We Are Husband And Wife.


Dalian Adofo is a freelance creative artist who works across a range of media; from graphic design to film and video. He has also been in the teaching profession for over 10 years and also works on a range of youth work initiatives, both locally in the UK and abroad. He has also written and directed personal shorts and exhibited his artwork.

Culture is a fundamental element which bonds communities together, without it we lose identity and self awareness. The importance of preserving such knowledge is key to retelling the story of Africa and its contribution to world history, in a manner that is free from colonial imposition.


Verona Spence-Adofo has worked in a variety of media roles over the past 20 years in which she acquired a variety of creative skills. It was when she combined her filmmaking talents with the sharing of African spiritual teachings that she found her true passion.

Since co-founding Ancestral Voices in 2010 she has worked tirelessly to uphold and preserve the wisdom held in the sacred science of African people.

Frequently asked questions

How can I communicate with my ancestors?2022-02-21T08:30:54+00:00

The ancestors are ultimately you as they exist within your DNA, there are various ways you can communicate with them and the most important thing is your intention to do so. A few examples are provided in this article.

If I purchase your digital videos how long do I have access to view them?2022-02-21T10:01:22+00:00

Our video content is available to view any time once purchased by streaming online via your Gumroad account or receipt link. There is no expiry date to your access.

Can your videos be downloaded?2022-02-21T08:45:27+00:00

No, for copyright reasons our videos are not available for download and can only be streamed online.

How can I hold a screening of your films?2022-02-21T09:55:26+00:00

You can hold a screening of our films by completing and agreeing to the terms of our Commercial Licence which is available here. You can email us at to find out more details including payment information.

I keep being approached online by spiritual readers and Babalawos are they genuine?2022-02-21T09:39:26+00:00

No, any genuine spiritual practitioner will not approach you directly (either in the comments or your personal inbox) claiming to have ‘messages from the ancestors’ or offering free readings etc. You would be the person to seek their services. There has been a huge influx of scammers online using fake profiles as a means to extort money from people by providing fear based readings. In many cases they are copying the profiles of legitimate spiritual workers. To avoid being duped block any profiles that approach you in this manner.

I would like to have your films included to my university library. How do I do this?2022-02-25T21:49:45+00:00

You can ask your university to view and complete our academic licence and to contact us at to discuss the details.


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