By Keketso Motale- Sangoma (Healer & Diviner), iNyanga (Herbalist)

We need more healers who will beautifully tell their stories and have embraced themselves that they never feel the need to change themselves in order to be what other healers require of them to be, instead of the healers the universe and ancestors has created, embraced and love.

We need more healers who are light, love and grace, who treat their humanely wounds and flaws in a manner they are taught to treat those of others.

We need more healers who are whole, grounded and so very human, healers who don’t walk around hoping to identify and find someone they deem inferior so they trample on in order to feel superior.

We need more healers vested in their own healing, growth and evolution, healers who understand the flexible and ever-changing nature of their gifts and journeys.

Healers who are not afraid of being students, who open themselves up to those they deem spiritually young in honor of their centuries-old ancestors.

Healers ezange zakhulela amadlozi’azo (healers who never outgrew or became older than their ancestral guides).

Healers who have stopped seeking external altars to bow and submit before because they realise they are an entire shrine, a place where their ancestors rest.

Healers who understand that for every chapter of our journey there’s an assigned ancestor chosen and called to guide you through it.

We need more healers who live from gratitude, abundance and peace so we don’t see everyone who walks through our doors as an opportunity to make money but as an opportunity to heal and grow…

That generation of healers the ancestral councils have been waiting for: the renegades, anarchists and rebels those who are not afraid to challenge and fight the status quos, the norms and societal expectation of who we need to be.

The healers who are not afraid to sing and dance to the sound of their heartbeats, their soul song, the healers who didn’t need to initiate to be healers but healers who just needed to be to connect to ancestral wisdom buried deep in our DNA and ancient memories.

The healers who are not afraid to dream…healers who are not afraid to be inebriated by the ancient spirits and lose their inhibitions.

More than anything we need to be the healers who are not afraid to be honest to ourselves about who we are.

We need to be the healers we need when going through difficult and challenging times.

Lesedi Khanya!!! Camagwini Mathonga!!! Thokozani makhehla nezalukazi!! Emakhosini!!! Ndauwe!!!

Xeweni!!! Ancestral Light, love, healing and blessings.

Keketso Lebone (light) Motale Sangoma (Healer & Diviner), iNyanga (Herbalist)