By Keketso Motale- Sangoma (Healer & Diviner), iNyanga (Herbalist)

We give thanks for the gifts that keep on giving in exchange for healing. We give thanks to the Ancestors. The grandmothers and grandfather’s the guides and light on our journey of healing that keep on holding our hands through the storms the winds and drought for being that constant reminder of life beyond where we are standing. For being the force that gears us forward.

We exalt and invoke their eternal presence in our everyday life, the keepers and guardians of our gifts, for their light that keeps us on course. We praise amathambo amhlophe qhwa mathuna amasha mathuna akudala (ancestors including those who have long passed and those who have recently passed on) that remain a bridge that connects us between the living and the dead. The ones who were chosen to carry us and travel along us on this journey.

We are grateful for every little and the great they give, for ensuring we have food, roofs over our heads and our backs are covered. For those souls who continue to entrust us with their lives by honouring the light of our gifts enkosi man. We honour those whom they walk and travel with for opening up channels of healing and travelling this journey of healing for giving us the space and time for us to work alongside them to channel healing. We give thanks for answered prayers and more prayers that will still be answered.

For keeping our hearts and soul pure after all the fires we have walked through and gotten burned, for all the losses we have incurred, for bringing us early in life a realisation that our existence holds a far greater purpose the world could ever offer, realeboha hle (we are thankful). For the opportunity to earn our stripes into Ancestorhood in our next lifetimes so we live eternally. For being truthful and generous keepers of ancient knowledge ancient knowledge, wisdom and their generosity and willingness to teach us and guide us.

We are thankful, for our appointments as agents of change, the healers of aching, broken and wounded souls. For entrusting us with gifts that have a potential to birth greatness. For the little and huge nudges that remind us of the greatness of those we walk with.

We give thanks for light, we give thanks for healing and their love we have never had to earn. We are mostly grateful for life. Us the descendants of great healers, warriors, homekeepers, the protectors that watch over us during our travels, the seers, izanusi, the mediums, the fertility specialists, herbalists rainmakers, the performers, artists and shamans. For giving us a presence and work that will never be forgotten even when we are no longer here.

We give thanks to the healers that remained true to their call to heal and continued to carry on their duties in light and earnest. We bow and will continue to sit at the feet of great healers who have taken it upon themselves to continue teach.

Siyabulela, Asante, Realeboha, khanimambo, rea leboga, siyabonga, hikhensile (Thank you).

By Keketso Motale