I’ve wanted to write this article for a while, but now time permits I’m called to share this experience. The message of spiritual parasites started to gradually increase during the period of 2020-2021 as it was first brought to my attention when someone I knew started to experience getting bitten at night. Their feelings of discomfort were soon to be identified as an infestation of bed bugs in their home.

The situation occurred during the initial lockdown, so there was no opportunity for cross contamination from others. Immediately my thoughts were that this issue is very much a spiritual one that has manifested in the form of an infestation.

Prior to this outbreak this person was going through a very difficult time adjusting to being in the home due to the lockdown. They were being tormented by their thoughts as old memories resurfaced. They experienced headaches, their physical body started to become painful and stiff due to inactivity and now the added discomfort of being bitten.

This period brought about a massive restructure to daily routines and was a time when many people were left to confront themselves and deal with their thoughts. The change provided an opportunity to reflect on what was happening internally rather than focus on external distractions. Some embraced the time of solitude and saw it as a time to rest or explore creative pursuits, there were others who had become so used to keeping themselves busy as a coping mechanism to avoid confronting themselves mentally. For those people, this time was far greater than being asked to remain at home, but one which would seem like mental torture.

This particular scenario teaches us that when we do not heed messages to heal the issues we have been escaping, spirit will find various ways to reinforce the message and even increase in terms of its impact. The discomfort levels became so intense that the situation could no longer be ignored, there was no hiding, spirit was literally screaming for the necessity of immediate action.

In African cultures spiritual communication is a part of everyday life and is one of the means in which ancestors and other spiritual forces are able to pass on messages. This can take place in a multitude of ways, including dreams, synchronicities, visions, bodily sensations, smells, nature and animal/insect sightings. So, paying attention to these things when they occur in our lives is extremely important. In this case, the insect that was found in the home was of a parasitic nature. Let’s examine what parasites actually are:


“An organism living in, on, or with another organism in order to obtain nutrients, grow, or multiply often in a state that directly or indirectly harms the host.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Parasitic organisms include:

Head Lice
Body Lice

In the example of bed bugs, they are parasitic insects that feed off their hosts. In that vein they can be likened to that of Vampires in European mythology, which are creatures known to absorb the life-force (via blood) off the living. Blood sucking creatures can also be found in folklore across the Americas. The Soucouyant is found in countries including Trinidad, Guadeloupe, Dominica and St. Lucia. It is a flying, shapeshifting old woman, who bites her victims and drinks their blood for spiritual powers. The creature is also referred to by other names across the region, such as Ole-Higue (Guyana) and Loogaroo (Haiti & Louisana).

When we carry issues that lie unresolved within our bodies, they are akin to these parasites as they develop into entities that we carry around with us. Negative thoughts, traumas and things that mentally and physically drain us are signs of these spiritual parasites.

This excerpt from “Ifa Theology – Inner Peace” by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi gives great insight into this same concept from a Yoruba perspective.
“If a person is avoiding transforming ibi [inner conflict, resistance, or change], they will look for someone else to blame for their problems.  If there is no one to blame [like in witchcraft] they will create an imaginary demon that they can claim is responsible for the disruption in their life.  If the need to create a demon is strong enough the thought form will take shape and the monster will materialize in the physical world giving apparent confirmation that the problem is external and not internal…In Ifa this phenomena is called elenini.  Real spirits always respond to the power of the word.  If you tell egun (general spirits) or Orisa (deities) to leave, they leave.  Elenini does not respond to the power of the word.  The more you try to dispel it in a ritual context the stronger it gets.  If a ritual exorcism is effective, the old elenini is replaced by a new manifestation far more powerful than the original.  The only way to destroy elenini is to starve it to death.  By this I mean you have to slowly work away at the internal conflicts that feed this spirit.

The only person who can destroy elenini is the person who created it.  This won’t happen until the person is ready to accept responsibility for the real problem.  If you try and banish an elenini in a ritual context the person who created it will view the ritual as a threat to their identity, they will resist the process by attacking you.  There is no easy solution to this problem.  My best recommendation is to refer the person with the elenini to a mentor, someone who has effectively transformed the real issue.  The ritual cleansing ends up looking more like a twelve-step program than an offering to spirit.”

Another form of this is what is commonly known as ‘Energy Vampires’ these are people who intentionally or unintentionally drain our energy, they can leave you feeling exhausted and emotionally drained. They can be friends, family, a partner or even strangers. These people tend to consistently have a problem and often spend time dwelling on the problem rather than taking action towards solutions. They are often drawn to empathic people.

In my case I can see similarities as I actively helped because that’s the kind of person I am and went above and beyond what is necessary. Upon reflection, I can see that my intervening came with its own consequences, as soon afterwards I started to experience a similar situation.

I began to notice that I was getting bitten, feeling itchy and very uncomfortable. I remember going out into the garden and coming back with bites on my legs. Then one day on my garden doorstep I saw these little insects, they looked like what I would describe as black beetles. I had never seen them before and suddenly there was an aggressive army of them. Immediately I knew there was more to this sighting and I was convinced that the message was not positive. My first thoughts were that this represents some form of an attack. I looked these creatures up online to find out what this particular insect was and it turned out to be a Longhorned Beetle and yes, they do bite!

Whilst, these creatures are technically not parasites as they do not need blood to survive, or live off their hosts, the spiritual parasite message was still being echoed as the symptoms were the same yet this time, I was the target!

So many lessons were learned from this experience and one of them was that sometimes you may help people with the best of intentions, but occasionally this can actually backfire. It’s really important to set boundaries in terms of helping people because if you don’t, you can actually start to contaminate yourself with whatever situation they are dealing with.

Another lesson was that if I were attracting parasitic experiences in my external reality then by definition of the Principle of Correspondence “As above, so below; as below, so above”– The Kybalion, I would need to address any parasitic aspects of myself. I had to ask myself what was within me that could attract such experiences in my outer reality.

Do I have thoughts that are negative or limiting?

Am I holding onto any trauma?

Have I been avoiding any issues?

Am I holding on to any feelings of guilt?

In addition to observing my own thoughts and emotional issues. I felt it necessary to start implementing cleansing and detox practices to remove any internal parasites within my body. In the beauty of synchronicity as a means of spiritual communication, it was around this period that on a social media post about plants and natural health remedies someone recommended Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) as a solution for both external and internal parasites. Immediately, I started drinking this solution and my internal detox mission had officially begun. Since then, I have tried a range of solutions including drinking activated charcoal, the Atunbi colon cleanse, intermittent fasting and having enemas. The external parasitic experiences soon ended and I could finally feel comfortable again.

The whole situation has made me so much more aware of the importance of detoxing the liver, colon, kidneys etc., not only for physical health, but for mental and spiritual health too. In the same way we cleanse our homes to remove dirt or stagnant energy by cleaning, burning incense, opening the windows for fresh air, is the same principle when it comes to ourselves.

Growing up in a Jamaican home it was common to be expected to drink ‘bitters’ and ‘bush teas’ which were often very foul tasting but extremely beneficial for cleansing the blood, removing toxins from the body and maintaining good health. This experience has taught me to revisit these old remedies and over the next few months I will be exploring more to see how these internal cleanses impact my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The overall message that can be taken from this article is that nature is always providing for our needs. Whether through maintaining good health via natural medicines and nutrients or by spiritually teaching wisdom by its synchronistic appearances. The list is endless! Are you listening to the signs within nature? What lessons could it be teaching you?

By Verona Spence-Adofo  (Ancestral Voices Co-founder)

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