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Rituals for Living is a pre-released segment from the documentary Ancestral Voices 2: Spirit is Eternal. The short will specifically cover the subject of ritual in the context of African Spirituality; what it means, why it’s necessary and the various purposes for which it can be used. Speakers in the film include Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (Zulu High Sanusi Sangoma), Prof. Bayyinah Bello (Haitian Historian), Dowoti Desir (Vodou Manbo), Max Beauvior (Vodou Houngan) and Sobonfu Somé (Dagara Initiate).

The rituals discussed are from a range of traditions both continental and Diasporic; from the Zulu, Dagara and Vodou. All are suitable for non-initiates as well as initiates in particular systems and can be used daily or whenever suitable for those seeking to enrich and develop their lives and selves using an African-centred spiritual practice.