The life of a healer is defined by being able to step into a space that detaches one from self for the healing of others. It brings along with healing for others an understanding that what we seek and dream for ourselves will not resemble what others have but will strongly resonate within our being. It’s about praying, willing and manifesting for others what your heart desires and longs for yet the humility to accept that we are not guided by our needs and wishes but to learn to be able to relate what our clients and those in our spaces seek because we seek it for ourselves.

Its about standing at an altar making burnt offerings or ancestral offerings and realising that this person looks up to you to facilitate the delivery of their blessings. I have given up the comfort of my home to take clients either to the river or mountains with the intention of also praying and asking for certain things for myself. I get there in the midst of rituals my priorities change and my being able to intercede on their behalf or rather asking my ancestors and guardians to intercede on their behalf takes precedence.

It’s a space that allows ancestors an opportunity to take care of those who are chosen and called through energy exchange. It comes from an innate faith they are able to make what seems to be a struggle to an opportunity to strive for more. And to being an advocate and architect of prosperity, be fixing imbalances and healing past hurts…

Being a healer is about converting purpose to intent and healing. It’s about selflessness and realising our blessings and wealth is blessing others with health, success and wellbeing. It’s about enduring and overcoming personal obstacles, struggles and pains to becoming healing to those fate and destiny brings along our life journeys. It’s a process of acquiring empathy and compassion.

Being a healer is about being healing in words and actions and speaking life to people.

Healers are people who can speak energy of healing into medicinal herbs, barks, roots, salts, and minerals for the healing of others.

Keketso Lebone (light) Motale

Sangoma (Healer & Diviner), iNyanga (Herbalist)