By Keketso Motale
South African Traditional and Spiritual Healer(Sangoma)


Our Greatest Teachers Exist Within Our DNA


Our greatest teachers live not in sparsely furnished rooms filled with traditional medicines and potions with someone telling you your fortune. They are deeply ingrained in our DNA the lone voice within us we doubt and rarely listen because we doubt that we are a well of ancestral wisdom passed on from the ages….


Our teachers are only ever accessed by shutting all external voices, from a belief we are exactly where we are meant to be and have enough light within us not only to ward off darkness but to ward off demons of self doubt and learning to listen to that lone voice thats a representative of the Ancestral council..


Our greatest teachers don’t stay on the other side of a loud beating drums and singing but in the loud rhythm and sounds emanating from the depths of your soul speaking in ancient tongues and music….


The drumming got incessant and my soul knew the ancient Shangaan song sang in rural Mozambique by the women during the ceremonies, slowly i felt my entire being transported to spaces i had never been as i slipped into a trance i lost the use of my limbs last thing i remembered was my body jerking forward, i woke up to find myself lying on the grass outside where everyone attending the thanksgiving ceremony was sitting apparently i has slithered there like a snake to get there….


I had never been to Mozambique, but my spirit had the memories of being there and the song awakened the lost and forgotten souls, the same way i had never stayed with anyone who speaks Shangaan but can understand someone speaking the language….


We have enough memories and a deep connection with our ancestors to guide us through our spiritual journeys….


Keketso Motale Lebone(Light)

South African Traditional and Spiritual Healer(Sangoma)


Picture taken by Talk To Ma’at outside the Fertility Caves Motouleng Heritage Site


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