Manifesting Reality

By Quasibah
My real spiritual journey started with the question: “Why doesn’t anyone, enlightened I read or know about look like me?”
“Keep asking that question, the answer will come” my husband, also not knowing, would say.
And man… the answer came and blew us away.
I was born in the Netherlands from Surinamese descent, raised in both countries and my husband was born and raised in USA. Both our parents have Christian conditionings and although not heavily involved in church that was our example. It never really resonated so we leaned more towards spirituality than religion. Born and raised in the West I thought that spirituality was very western based. Although after reading book after book it left me with this question:
“Why doesn’t anyone, enlightened I read or know about look like me?”
“Keep asking that question, the answer will come” my husband, also not knowing, would say.
The answer came at first as the Metu Neter Vol. 1 &2 by Ra Un Nefer Amen. A great start of a new spiritual journey that and has led to wondrous discoveries, understanding and synchronicities. And even now after years the answer is still unfolding.
vol1   medu2
I could share a lot about this process alone but this time I would like share about a very concrete result that happened while we were taking the Ancestral Voices course joined not too long ago that added to our already wondrous journey.
We had just come to the conclusion that we needed another car because the car we had was old and having many problems.
Not really knowing how we would pull that off I started looking around to see what cars were available and what they cost when seemingly by chance, one particular car caught my eye.
My husband said that he had always wanted a car like that. I saved the ad and the thinking was: let’s start saving for it and if it is for us, it will still be there when we are ready to buy it.

At that time we were following the Ancestral Voices “Ritualizing your life” lecture which we do it in parts so we digest the information better.

Ritualising Your Life Course available here
The next time we sat down to watch, it happened to be at the part about the new moon. While we were talking it over afterwards, I suggested that we put what we had just learned into practice. We recently agreed on getting this new car and since the new moon was then only a few days away we could actually start manifesting it with the rituals we were learning about.
We decided to do it. On a daily basis we connected with the moon, we invited our ancestors and all the spirit forces that could help us with this manifestation in divine order. I focussed on Khepra, the spirit force of bringing things into being and the elemental energy of the waxing moon to amplify it.
Khepri-Tomba-di-Nefertari- Lunar-Cycle-1400-1140x770
I remembered the Ancestral Voices 2 Teaser where Credo Mutwa said: “African prayer is praying with images”

So, I downloaded the images from the ad to my phone to help me visualize the car in our driveway, us driving it, helping our kids into it etc. Daily we watched the moon grow asking for the realization of our goal to grow as well.
Then things started to happen, everything we needed to make it happen fell into place. Some unexpected funds became available to us. It was not enough, but we went for a test drive anyway and made an offer for the amount that we had. A day later we heard that our offer was accepted! We were able to put that car in our name the day before it was full moon! Without going into debt. Wow … we are still amazed by this and how fast it all happened. It still feels a little unreal looking at our driveway and seeing the car actually parked there!
I looked at the beautiful full moon with so much gratitude and send my thanks. Then I felt as if the moon was telling me that it was not like it did something special, that we just utilized the energy that it is. So now I have more respect and gratitude for the energy of the moon in general.
I am sharing this to show that if you actually engage in African Spirituality, you might be amazed at what you can achieve. I hope my story will empower you to cultivate your spirit and strengthen the relationship with your ancestors and spirit forces of Nature. It will increase your power!
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to Ancestral Voices.

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