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By Verona Spence-Adofo
I recently came across an inspiring story on Facebook by Kongo Wattu. He explained that he visited lake Ato, Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary, Volta Region (Ghana) to find that the previously bountiful water body had been dried up for over 10 years. The reason was down to the elders no longer carrying out the annual rituals for the water deity due to abandoning cultural traditions and embracing Christian teachings.



Determined to not let the ancient traditions die and the locals to suffer, he carried out his own rituals to appease the water deity and within a few weeks the water was restored. I was compelled to find out more and speak with him directly. Here is what he shared with us…


Hi Kongo, thank you for agreeing to do an interview with Ancestral Voices. Could you tell us a little about yourself?


I was born in Accra and I am a Ghanaian from the Guan/Akan tribe or group. Raised in Accra and attended my primary, junior and high school in Accra. I love football and martial arts and table tennis. I learned pure science in school, I realised my gift while young because I always lead the children and gather them to play and I also cook for them. I love children and when someone is sick I feel very bad and will do anything to make them well again.


At what point in your life did you become aware of African spiritual teachings?


After secondary school I got sick with typhoid fever to the point of death, it really drained my mom and I was in sick bed for 2 years without eating solid foods. After two years a friend of mine introduced me to a naturopath and he changed my life completely.


He also told me that I will be a healer like him so I should focus on my healing and natural lifestyle, I listened to him and started doing wonders. My first client was my mom who got stroke and I cured her completely within 21 days. Since then she has been very supportive of my spiritual journey.


So I became aware when I finally started healing people with my bare hands, I didn’t know anything or read any books yet on reiki, reflexology etc., but was been used by the divine Neteru unaware because my father was also a divine healer so I guessed I was born with it then I also developed into a higher level. These teachings has really opened my eyes and made me more aware of this beautiful World.


How have these teachings impacted your life?


I feel great and very wise and smart in learning new stuff every day. As I teach people I also realised I’m teaching myself. The teacher is also a student sometimes.


Tell us about what happened the first time you went to the lake?




When I went to the lake that was 2001 and everything was fine with the stream or the sweet waters, then just couple of weeks ago I went there again to see that the stream had dried up with just small portion left for the people so I was very much disturbed and asked my friend, a herbalist why and what happened then he told me that it’s due to lack of rituals being performed annually for the energy within the lake called Atoo, due to some warning from a catholic priest. He told them that Jesus is coming and they should stop else they will all go to hell.


How did you feel after hearing the rituals were no longer being carried out?


I was very sad but not surprised at the same time because this has been the universal problem all over the country since we embraced Christianity and Islam. We used to pour libation every year at the state function but now that has stopped due to the same reason.



When did you decide that you were going to carry out the ritual yourself?


So from there I consulted one elder who knows much about it and he told me he can’t do it so I said to myself I will do perform the rites and save the people from thirst. I even sneaked and went there with my family to assist me.



1.Kongo  2.Kongo      4.Kongo


What did the rituals involve?


The rituals involve fresh cows milk, local gin and coins to appease the Neteru. So after performing the rites I went there after three weeks to go and witness abundance of water there and I smiled but I knew what will be the result anyway.


How did you know what to do?


This is not the first time in calling upon rains and commanding the Neteru, I mean I work with them and they’ve listened to me since day one of my journey.


I have learned since 1999 with different masters and they taught me then. I also invoke energies by their name. I do invocation and channelling then I get the message of what to do from the Neteru themselves; especially most of the Neteru within sweet waters have one voice and one thing in common, they are compassionate, loving and caring and mostly female energies, that’s yin energies.


We have two types of spirituality: mysticism and dependency. Most black folks are practising dependency, they don’t know how to deal with things on their own, I’m a mystic and I communicate directly with the higher authorities. So reading books on spirituality and saying “Ase” and practising are two different things. I also offer training into priesthood and I do that with my wife who is also well-trained traditional priestess knowledgeable in herbs and water divination.


What message would you like people to take from your experience?


All I can tell the youth of Afrika is that it’s time for sankofa, to return back and take what belongs to us. A people without the knowledge of their past is like a tree without it’s roots.


No matter what you do your back of your palm can’t be sweeter than your inner palm. We are our own saviours and the Neteru can’t do it without our help. Lets love our culture and survive on this planet.


Kongo Wattu




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