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Interview with King Mas

By Verona Spence-Adofo
Grammy award-winning songwriter, vocalist, and composer King Mas aka “The Musical Obeah Man” speaks with Ancestral Voices about his experiences from childhood, becoming a musical artist and his spiritual beliefs.


King Mas responded to our online call seeking music donations towards the upcoming Ancestral Voices 2 sequel. We were amazed by the ‘Our Story’ track and knew instantly how it could be used within the documentary, it was as though the song was written especially for the film. We then were further surprised that find that he is a Grammy Award Winning artist and were humbled to know that he wanted to work with us and was keen to help promote the message of preserving ancestral traditions.


The collaboration is a perfect testament to how the ancestors are always working behind the scenes to make things happen, time, distance nor lack of finances prevented this union.


Check out the video interviews with King Mas below

Click here to learn more about King MASĀ 


What was it like growing up in your household?



How has your upbringing influenced your own spiritual journey?



At what age did you start showing an interest in music?



What inspires your work?



What would you like your audiences to take away from your work?


Have you ever faced any stigmatization due to your spiritual beliefs?



What has been your experience in the music industry promoting songs that uplift and unite African people?



How important is it for people to embrace the spiritual teachings of their ancestors?


Do you have any spiritual practices that you incorporate in your life?


How has your spirituality helped you in your life?




King Mas’ song ‘Our Story’ is featured in the upcoming Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal film.
Click here to learn more about King MASĀ 


Watch Ancestral Voices 2 Trailer and Listen to King Mas’ Our Story Track


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