By Keketso Motale

Imagine a world in which people have control over their own realities

A world where people are co-creators of their everyday existence

A place where people are nurtured from young to tap into their own spiritual gifts

And develop them as they grow into adulthood

Imagine a place where knowing yourself and developing your own gifts are your focus of attention

Not external ideals and concepts to believe in

Always being taught that everything you need to know already exists inside you

And your mission is to remember these vital teachings

Imagine growing up in a place where you are encouraged to develop your own divinity

A place which allows you to see what you are capable of

Surrounded by communities that recognise that everyone is here to fulfil their own unique purpose

And supports those along their spiritual paths

Imagine a place where the spiritual world plays as much importance as the physical world

A place where people openly acknowledge and respect the unseen forces

And continually work to maintain a spiritual balance in their lives

Understanding that all aspects of creation are equally important, each with their own unique characteristics

Imagine a world where nature is respected and revered for all its life-giving properties

A place where the rivers are pure, the air is clean and the foods are natural

A world where the nature spirits live in harmony with the population

And a balanced symbiotic relationship exists among the two

Imagine you didn’t have to imagine…