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£148 ($197)


A unique home learning experience which contains a range of educational resources that covers the gamut of African spiritual cosmologies, philosophies and practices. It is the result of over 7 years of dedicated and rigorous research involving literature reviews, video interviews with traditional healers, spiritual workers and academic scholars with travels to various locations across the globe such as Ghana, South Africa, Haiti (Ayiti), Egypt, Brazil and the United States.
The aim of Ancestral Voices is to dispel the falsehoods propagated against these systems via colonial imposition and whose legacy still impacts it today, shrouding it in much mystique, fear and negativity and rather present its ideologies in an accurate and objective light.
The package includes:
Ancestral Voices 1: Esoteric African Knowledge (documentary)
Ancestral Voices 2: Spirit is Eternal (documentary)
Ancestral Voices : Spirit is Eternal (Book)
(Both physical and digital copies are included for the documentaries and the book)
Extra Bonus items:
Rituals for Living (Short film) – Digital stream only
Rituals E-booklet (PDF containing useful rituals for self development)


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