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Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal
A classic in its genre, it has been hailed as a seminal piece of work surpassing the only other work in this field, John Mbiti’s ‘African Religions & Philosophy’ (1969), as its coverage is not just of traditional continental Africa but also includes ancient Africa and its legacy in the Diaspora.
Described by the esteemed historian Robin Walker as a book that ‘deserves a place in every home’.
The book is a complimentary counterpart to the film and is the published findings of over 7 years of literature research as well as content from video interviews carried out in action research during filming.
Topics covered include African conception of the Creator/‘God’, Nature and the Natural Forces, nature of humanity, Ancestral veneration and communication and various forms of African rituals and prayers.
In addition, it is an invaluable companion for those seeking to live an African Spiritual-Centred life as it contains a whole chapter dedicated to Ritual with practices for daily living, suited for the initiated and non-initiated alike.
It is currently available in English and Spanish.
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  • Nwasha

    When will your book be available for sale?

    • Dalian Adofo

      Hello Nwasha the book will be available online by end of September, put your email in to download the free chapter o fit and you will be updated with tis progress.

      Many thanks!

  • Beverly Scott

    It is a joy to watch your vision manifest I have been following your journey for a while and I wait with great anticipation for the launch. Thank you for the free download

    • Dalian Adofo

      Thank you Beverley Scott..we appreciate your ongoing support and appreciation of our works!

      You are most welcome, hope you enjoyed the first chapter…only a few hours to go now and the book will be on general release!!
      Exciting times ahead!

  • Dalian Adofo

    Saintalia the book is out now!
    Thanks for your support and patience!

  • Dalian Adofo

    Peace Hipnotica just to make you aware that the book is officially out now! You can get your copy at the links posted above!

  • Afi Darrah

    Hi Dalian, i am trying to purchase Spirit is Eternal via payPal, and it seems difficult to effect payment through it. Got any Ideas? I really would like to have my copy as soon as possible. Much love and Blessings from Germany! Afi

    • Ancestral Voices

      Hi Afi, the best thing to do is to send the money for the book directly to via Paypal. That way a personalised copy of the book can be posted out to you. Let us know if you have any further issues? Thanks for your continued support!


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