The first ever online courses about African spirituality, this educational series is primarily aimed at those seeking to live a life directly connected to Ancestral memories and practices. The series is a comprehensive guide of instruction to living an African Spiritual-Centred Life, especially for those without access to a trained initiate for guidance.
It is also equally useful to trained initiates as it provides an overview of corresponding areas of overlap that can further inform one’s initiated practice. Designed to encourage individuals to identify and utilise their inherent consciousness and power to change their lived reality via a greater understanding of how to live in tune with Natural cycles and Forces and how they affect the human body and the physical environment.

Part 1: Actualising The Self

The introductory course bridges the gap between philosophy and how it informs practice. Learners are introduced to the 7 Hermetic Laws of Thoth/Tehuti of ancient Egypt (Kemet) and how it permeates our daily existence, as well as an understanding of how to use the Principles to manifest their desired objectives through ritual practices.
Principles expounded upon in depth include the Universal Laws of Mentalism, Correspondence and Cause and Effect.
Other areas covered include how to set up altars and what to include on them, dreams and interpretations, giving offerings and various veneration practices to facilitate Ancestral communications and guidance.


Part 2: Ritualising Your Life


The second part of the series focuses on rituals as essential tools and aids to living life and affecting outcomes favourably. It features methodologies for enhancing spiritual communications with Ancestors, Natural Forces and how to harness Elemental Energy to direct and aid in achieving desired objectives.
Also explored are means of carrying out self-divination and how to raise the potency of rituals by alignment with Natural Cycles and periods in the Lunar and Celestial cycles.
The use of spiritual baths, candles, sacred shapes and natural elements in ritual to invigorate one’s life force and expand consciousness and awareness are also explored in depth.



  • Andrew Apollos

    My wife and I have been on our spiritual journey for many years now and have been lead to many sources of information that have aided us in our spiritual growth. The latest source has been the two courses presented here regarding Ritual Practices in African Spirituality.

    This is an immense subject with many perspectives and I must say that the simple, action oriented and to the point presentation of these courses is much appreciated and needed. I look forward to more in depth courses aimed at those who have completed and have seriously practiced the information within these courses.

    Thank you.

  • Ketina Thompson

    I am grateful for Ancestral Voices for providing a pathway for those of us who want to learn and to be introduced to the ways of our Ancestors from Africa. I took course one. I love it! The knowledge and insight about African spirituality gave me a vision of wholistic and cultural principles we are meant to adhere to when we live by those principles especially coupled with animism. Africa had always held the lead in African cosmology, spirituality, honoring ancestors, connecting to nature in a synergistic way,and so forth. If you are thinking about Wicca or Paganism, and you’re a child of Africa, African Spirituality is 100x better and more powerful than those Eurocentric religions. Align yourself with your African bloodline spirituality instead, and your ancestors will thank you and guide the way. Ase


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