Ancestral Voices 2

Spirit is Eternal

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This documentary will explore the philosophies of African cosmologies and spiritual traditions. It will highlight and connect the similarities that exist in the traditions for communities across the continent and in the Diaspora, from ancient times to the present. Areas covered include the African conception of the Creator ‘God’, the spiritual essence of humanity, our relationships with the immaterial realm and the ancestors in the cycle of life and continuity across realms and daily rituals for living. The shared rituals vary from practices for venerating the creative source and ancestors, to setting up altars and how to enhance one’s spiritual development.


All interviews are now complete and the film is in the post-production phase. We anticipate to release this film summer 2017. Meanwhile, we are seeking donations to help translate this film into multiple languages to make it accessible to a worldwide audience. If you would like to contribute please see donation options below.

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The film contains well-respected scholars and practitioners on the subject you can view our cast list below…


  • credo

    Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

    High Sanusi Sangoma & Author
  • credo

    Prof. Bayyinah Bello

    Haitian Historian & Educator
  • credo

    Dowoti Desir

    Vodou Manbo Asogwe and Anthropologist
  • credo

    Max Beauvoir

    Vodou Houngan and Biochemist
  • credo

    Prof. James Small

    Scholar & Pan- African Activist
  • credo

    Sobonfu Somé

    Dagara Initiate and Author
  • credo

    Kofi Bempah

  • credo

    Robin Walker

    Historian and Author
  • credo

    Jashua Sa-Ra

    Musician and Educator
  • credo

    Camille Yarbrough

    Singer, Author, Griot and Cultural Activist
  • credo

    José Henrique dos Santos

    Umbandista, Lencois, Brasil
  • credo

    Areelson Antonio

    Ogan de Oxaguian (Terreiro da Casa Branca)
  • credo

    Antonio dos Santos Figueiredo

    Ogan de Xango (Terreiro da Casa Branca)
  • Dalian Adofo


  • Dennis Muiruri

    Like many of us I have been brought up a Christian and cannot claim to understand African spirituality. That said I do agree with the knowledge this group is gathering underlying the sad fact that across Africa, practitioners of African spirituality are consistently persecuted even by their own communities by being accused of practicing witchcraft and other claims perpetuated by our ignorance of our own spirituality. If this group can help set the record straight through their research and documentary they deserve, our support. This is good work.


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