Living an African Spiritual-Centred Life (Online Course)


We are pleased to announce that our highly acclaimed Educational Forum: Living An African Spiritual-Centred Life is now going online, published on the 1st of July!!!

It will be published via the Teachable and Gumroad online platforms. Links will be available to access them on the day so do come back to enroll, we look forward to having you on the course. In the meantime, read the full contents and descriptions below:



A first ever online educational forum designed to disseminate accurate and relevant information about African Indigenous Spirituality and how to live according to its principles.


- To encourage the cultivation of African Spiritual philosophies and principles in one's life and to put them into practice.

- To clarify the elements involved in ritual practice to strengthen Ancestral guidance and heighten spiritual awareness.


This forum bridges the gap between philosophy and how it informs practice. By the end of it, participants will understand a variety of African Spiritual Cosmological principles and their influence on how one conducts their daily activities and cultivates their spiritual practice.

They will be fully cognisant with a range of African indigenous prayer forms, setting up sacred spaces such as altars or shrines in their homes and immediate environment, understand the link between rituals and their consequent manifestations as well as how to decipher the signs and symbols from Nature that can guide and inform their practice.

At the end of this forum, participants will leave with the confidence and knowledge to begin practising and living in tune with their ancestral heritage.


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